Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief: Rise of the Guardians

Did you ever hear of a movie where Jack Frost, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and a very sassy Easter Bunny team up to fight the forces of evil? Because that movie is Rise of the Guardians, and it is delightful!

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Olympics: EPO & The Science Of Doping

So before the Olympics come to what I’m sure will be  a breathtakingly eyebrow-raising conclusion (if Great Britain’s quirky opening ceremony was anything to go by) we should reflect on some, of the issues  (or rather, one big issue) that these games raise outside the world of sport. I admit as …

Conspiracy Theories

2012: The Parade of Crazy

Happy New Year! Are you ready for the end of the world? Yeah, me neither. Good thing there’s no reason to believe that’s going to happen. Because, you know, the Mayans weren’t clairvoyant and didn’t predict anything. A nice little video explaining why all this 2012 apocalypse stuff is hooey …