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Grim Reapers and Better Alternatives to Fear-Based Behavior Change Campaigns

The season of prom is upon us, and school administrators are turning to fear-based and oddly macabre methods to prevent alcohol-related fatalities. For instance, having a grim reaper wander the halls of school and pick students at random to be made up as dead people in order to provide gruesome …

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Quick Hit: Feminist Frequency

For those of you who do not compulsively follow internet news (ahem, not that I do–I work 8 hours a day), you may not be aware of the Feminist Frequency videos and the violent reaction they have caused in the gaming and comic book communities. Anita Sarkeesian has made several …


Advertising that makes a difference

Here in South Africa we have a grilled chicken franchise by the name of Nando’s.  If you have not had the good fortune of having a meal there please do so for I understand they are also available in the USA and the UK. To be honest though it is …

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Neutral Words in Gendered Advertising

There are a lot of products that specifically market to one gender demographic over the other. I’ve noticed over my years of exposure to television and advertising that certain words aren’t directly associated with one gender or the other, but are sometimes exclusively used in advertising geared at one or …