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The Witching Hour

Have you ever been awake past midnight? Of course you have, we’re all human. What is it then, about the early hours of the morning, that earns them a reputation among occultists and storytellers, as the home of spirits, monsters and things that generally go bump in the night? How …

Speak Your Mind

Speak Your Mind: Alien AMA

Whenever I look into the night sky, I can’t help but wonder if we are alone in the universe. Is there life on other worlds, millions and billions of light years away? If there is, will we ever know about them? Do we want to? What would that mean for …

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Dinosaurs In Space: Why The Hell Not?

I wonder how many of you remember what the ‘advanced alien dinosaurs from space’ story was actually about. I must confess to having a slight problem with remembering what the actual science was, and with good reason, because the science of the story had absolutely nothing to do with Argonians, …