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Science Sunday: The Diversity of Locomotion

As promised, here is the post about locomotion in the animal kingdom. For the purpose of not making this into a never-ending wall of text, I’m limiting the concept of locomotion to movement along the ground. Now, moving along the ground might seem a bit boring. I mean, we do …

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Science Sunday: Self Defence!

Much in the way that humans might carry pepper spray or learn martial arts, plants and animals also have their own unique and interesting defence mechanisms. You might not catch a fig trying to karate chop you- but the flora and fauna of the natural world have found varied and …


The Origins Of Vertebrates Part 2: Acting Like Animals

Okay, we’re moving out of the realm of the single celled organisms this week! After mitochondria became a staple of complex life our eukaryotic ancestors diverged into fungi, protists (previously known as protozoa), the archaeplastida (algae and plants to you and me) and the gloriously underrated slime molds that I …


Mice, Cheese, and a Side of Skepticism

Last summer, I spent about a month at a paleontology dig in Wyoming. For a paleo dig, we had it pretty luxurious. I had my own room in a trailer, down the street from the museum and down the hill from our dig site. Out in the field, a family …