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We all need a little Faith

So teenskepchick isn’t really a space for religion, but it’s definitely a space for super heroes and Faith is shaping up to be a favourite of mine. Faith is a relatively new series which began in 2016 by Valiant entertainment and created by a host of lovely people: Jody Houser …


Why We Dress How We Do

One of the basic discussions in feminism revolves around how women dress. It’s actually a topic that, in my opinion, best illustrates the divides between earlier feminists and modern feminists. Early feminists fought- and still do fight- against clothing like high heels and short skirts being forced onto women. More …


This Is Not Art According To the Government

Over this past weekend, many Facebook feeds in Singapore were flooded with news that the authorities have arrested a 25-year-old woman, the ‘Sticker Lady’, for allegedly painting the words “My Grandfather Road” on some roads in Singapore. Last time, we discussed how Singapore is the land where Freedom of Speech comes to …