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A Short History of Atheism

As an atheist, I have always felt it important to understand my own position as well as that of the religions I reject. This has sparked a keen interest in a subject which is labelled “RMPS” (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies) in Scottish schools. It’s a great subject which is …

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Religion’s Future Part 2: Secular Solutions

This is the second part of a two-part post speculating on the future of religion. You can find part one here. Alright, so we all know many of the problems that religion poses to our society. Religious politicians try to force their beliefs on us via legislation, teachers try to incorporate …

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Atheism and Morality: Good Without God?

Atheists are often asked- especially by theists- how they can be moral without God and religion to guide them. This is a question which has always intrigued me; I consider myself a largely moral person who tries to do good when possible, but there is no particular belief or doctrine …

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Philosophy of Religion: The Teleological Argument

As an attempt to stray from my usual short posts, I’ve written up this piece on the Teleological argument for the existence of God. Read on to find out more about the argument and enjoy my attempt to be fair and balanced- with the premise: “The Teleological argument may indeed …

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You’re a Militant Atheist! (lolwut)

For most of 2012, I identified as not only an atheist, but an anti-theist because of my distaste for the practice of religion in general. Many of the atheists I’ve met are similarly distraught with the damage that religion can do to people, cultures, and the progress of science. Upon …

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Irrationality and Emotions

So last weekend at Skepticon I have been having an absolutely fabulous time hearing speakers, going to workshops and hanging out with generally awesome people. Over the course of the weekend, I noticed a couple of themes cropping up, and one of them is extremely important to me. Stephanie and …


Be Heard

For those of you interested in the current feud that’s been erupting like a vitriolic volcano within the atheist/skeptic circles recently, you won’t be surprised to hear that the hatred has yet to die down and allow a new island to grow in its place. No, the people ironically brandishing …


Why We Write

“I write because it’s really hard to yell at everyone in person.” –Me, every time someone asks why I blog. Six months ago I began writing at Teen Skepchick. Prior to that, I’d had an anonymous blog with a handful of readers, a fact I hadn’t even shared with my …