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Contradictions Within Religion

This new addition to my ongoing series on atheism addresses some of the contradictions that one sees within religion- with particular focus on Christianity and the Bible- as well as touching upon reasons why atheism is the logical presumptive position. It also addresses why many non-theists hold a position of …

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Philosophy of Religion: The Teleological Argument

As an attempt to stray from my usual short posts, I’ve written up this piece on the Teleological argument for the existence of God. Read on to find out more about the argument and enjoy my attempt to be fair and balanced- with the premise: “The Teleological argument may indeed …

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Theism/Atheism – A False Dichotomy?

I don’t want to cause any contention with this post but I have a little bone to pick with the theism/atheism discussion, in particular a certain belief that the terms are black and white, that there is no in between, even to the point of some advocates of this position …