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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Black Holes Aren’t That Scary Edition

I think gravity is the best fundamental force and that black holes are the best things. I don’t know if I’ve communicated that before. But it’s true, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that one of my favorite YouTubers (YouTubelings?) made a new video devoted solely to …

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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Monsters of the Cosmos Edition

Hello everyone! Time for another Awesome Sauce Music Friday! You’re familiar with Symphony of Science, right? You should be; we’ve featured several of those auto-tuned delights several times on this very blog. I’m always excited when a new installment is released. This week is one of those weeks. The latest …


The Physics Philes, lesson 45: I Failed, but I Had a Good Reasonfest

Oh guys. Guys, guys, guys. I intended to write a physics post this week. I really did. But I forgot that this weekend was Reasonfest on the University of Kansas campus. And hey, I when Greta Christina, Matt Dillahunty, Nate Phelps, and JT Eberhard comes to Kansas, you go see …


The Physics Philes, lesson 44: Challenge Accepted Part 2

In which a challenge is issued, a challenge is accepted, and a challenge is completed…for real this time! If you will remember, last week I was issued a challenge involving black holes by this cheeky physicist I know. Even though I’m far too dumb to really get my head around …