The Origins Of Vertebrates Part 1: Let There Be Life

Have you ever wondered where we came from? Have you ever wondered where we and our other friends with backbones, lungs, arms and legs all started? If the answer’s yes you might know a little bit about this yourself, at least enough to know that I can’t very accurately begin …

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Smart Character – Personality = Sex Object?

Now, Nintendo don’t have the best track record for female characters in any case, especially since Samus Aran’s character was turned into the complete opposite of the strong hero she once was by the dark hands of Team Ninja, but recently, at least within the Pokémon franchise, they’ve been making …


Unlucky For Some? It’s Friday 13th

As much as I’d love to just type out the entirety of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ here, the trolling would be counter intuitive considering the message of Teen Skepchick. After all, that would be just one more incidence of Friday the 13th bringing forth horrors that could be added to the …

Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday: The D Is Back Edition

It’s been a long wait, too long perhaps, between the release of the movie/album combo that was Tenacious D’s ‘The Pick of Destiny’, long enough perhaps, for a sizable chunk of you to only know Jack Black as an actor and Kyle Gass  as… well, a lesser known actor. But …