How our stance on bullying echoes the adult world

We’ve all heard it before. “If you’re ever bullied, tell an adult. Tell a teacher, tell your parents, tell somebody.” I’m also betting that most of you have done it before. You’ve been bullied, and you told someone. More to that point, I bet you got a response like I …


The Pseudoscience of Victim Blaming: Introduction

We’ve all heard it somewhere before, whether it be through The Secret, through Spirit Science, through self-help books, Oprah, Greg Braden, Theta Healing, and all manner of things that claim to be beneficial, enlightening, or self-empowering – victim blaming, taking the unfairness out of the world by pinning everything that …

Guest Posts

Guest Post: A Mother’s Plea to Bullies

This is cross-posted from Skepchick. Please visit the original post to share your thoughts and comments. Laura Stone, a blogger at Hey, Don’t Judge Me (well known for her Game of Thrones recaps), recently contacted us with some sad news. Her teenage son Austin has been dealing with bullies at …