The Pseudoscience of Victim Blaming: Introduction

We’ve all heard it somewhere before, whether it be through The Secret, through Spirit Science, through self-help books, Oprah, Greg Braden, Theta Healing, and all manner of things that claim to be beneficial, enlightening, or self-empowering – victim blaming, taking the unfairness out of the world by pinning everything that …

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I’m Not Saying It Was Aliens… (Misadventures in Self-Diagnosis)

Self-diagnosis has become a pretty popular thing on the internet. Possibly because you can consult about problems that in all likelihood aren’t really problems without having to tell someone you’re actually worried about them. That’s why I do it anyway. What? Never seen a hypochondriac before? Anyway, if you ever …

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Dear Sasquatch: OMG, Vaseline Cancer!

Dear Sasquatch: I have been using Vaseline on my lips and skin for years. I’m a student, and it’s so much cheaper than all the expensive products out there. But a few people have told me it causes cancer. Are they right? —Jen K.