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Speak Your Mind: Helping Godless Children

The other day, I was pondering what gifts I could get my younger siblings for Christmas. My parents are raising the kids (aged 4 and 6) as rational thinkers who look at nature with wonder and at religion with a skeptical eye. In spite of the wishes of our humanist …


Eating Disorders: The Demographic

As part of our series on eating disorders, I wanted to examine the prevalent view of eating disorders- especially anorexia and bulimia- as a “White girl” problem. It is often forgotten that it isn’t just teenage girls who suffer from EDs; they also occur in older women, men and children, …


Children and Skepticism

Recently I’ve had a lot of kids talk to me about heaven or “the spirit world”. I work with kids right now, and one little girl told me while we were reading “My daddy be in heaven”. Both an extremely sad statement, and also one that as an atheist I’m …


Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day, and bloggers all over the interwebs are clacking away at their keyboards, talking about all things dad-related. I will be making general statements and also referencing my dad. One, my dad is awesome. B, no. Two, my dad is a perfect example of breaking stereotypes. Three, or C, if we’re …

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Job’s Daughters

When I lived with my mother, years ago, she and her dad spoke all good things about an organization that my grandpa helped out with. It’s called Job’s Daughters, and is an offshoot of the Masonic Lodge. I know relatively little about the Masons, other than it’s an all-male society …