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Tracts in the Mail

As Olivia taught us recently in her DBT series, sometimes there are simply no pros to outweigh the cons of saying certain things to one’s relatives.  One such situation is the way that my very Christian grandparents keep sending me tracts and handwritten notes attempting to convert me.  Fortunately, they …

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The implications of Santa’s race

In a shining moment of generosity that many of you have probably heard of by now, unless you avoid Fox News and all mention of it like the plague-filled hovel that it is (and you’re probably better off for the effort), Megyn Kelly has declared Santa Claus to be all …


TSBS Episode 3: I Never Thought the Pope was a Real Catholic Anyway

We’ve done it again! We’ve recorded a THIRD episode of the Teen Skepchick Blog Show! We’re on a freaking roll, and I am mad excited about it. This month, Ali, Katie, Eddy, and I discuss – what else?! – Christmas! It’s a Christmas Extravaganza Bonanza! We talk about everything Christmas-y, …

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I sit on a throne of lies. Oh well. Merry Christmas!

I don’t consider myself a Christian. I used to be, but I’m not anymore. I decided to stop identifying as such because, well, I didn’t believe any of it. None of it made sense. There were too many holes. When presented with something so lacking in intellectual consistency I decided …


There are too many posts about Santa Claus

…wouldn’t you agree? I saw this a few days ago in the Miami Herald (hehe, take that, SP, an actual newspaper name!) and I cut it out and put it up on the wall with all the lovely christmas card and pictures. For some reason, I can’t insert the picture …