We Have a Podcast! Introducing the Teen Skepchick Blog Show

Hello, you lovely reader. For a while now, we at Teen Skepchick have been kicking around the idea of doing a podcast. For a long time that idea remained just that, an idea. Until we finally got off our duffs and made it happen. I’m excited to announce the very …


“I’ll never use it again”: A Phrase That Makes Me Sad

Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar to you: you’re sitting in class in your usual spot, up front but slightly off to the side so you can see the board but not be too obvious about it.  It’s about twenty minutes into the lecture and the white board is …


Choosing a College Major.

Yesterday, Chelsea wrote a great post on the main Skepchick blog about higher education, explaining her choice of major and asking readers if they’d switched majors in college. I’m a junior in college majoring in literature with an 8-12 ELA teaching certification, but I’m beginning to feel those slight pangs …