Ashley Madison: Protecting Those We Dislike

Recently, the site Ashley Madison was hacked and users’ personal data posted publicly (though much of this has been removed due to Ashley Madison’s use of DMCA claims to take the content down.)  Because the site caters to married people seeking extra marital sex (probably) without communicating this desire to …

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Science Sunday: With Liberty and Internet Access for All

I believe in the internet.  I mean, obviously it exists, that’s not the issue.  I believe that unfettered access to different people and ideas is the best defense against tyranny, whether governmental or the thought policing that religions engage in.  I believe that access to a global commerce network allows …

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Speak Your Mind: My Mom and Dad Need Your Help

…but they don’t know it. You see, my parents need a new computer. They need one bad. Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous. Really, this computer would be for my mom, because my dad isn’t what you’d call a techie. From our conversations, my mom is torn between getting a laptop and …