The Physics Philes, lesson 36: Knock’em About

In which kinetic energy is conserved, algebra is done, and notes are remembered. Woo hoo! I remembered to bring my notes and textbook home from work, which means that we can continue our discussion of momentum! Huzzah! If you’ll remember, an elastic collision in an isolated system is a collision …


The Physics Philes, lesson 33: I’ve Got the Momentum!

In which a gun recoils, a crappy diagram is drawn, and kinetic energy is differentiated. Last week I explained the basics of conservation of momentum. Today we’ll do a  problem to demonstrate this basic principle. I know you’re excited, so let’s get to it. We know that if a system …


The Physics Philes, lesson 32: Save the Momenta!

In which laws of motion are revisited, momentum is conserved, and forces are classified. Last week was a big week for me on my journey to understanding physics. I started trigonometry, my first for-real math class in 10 years. Ten years. So I was a little busy doing further review …