The Ten Best Things About CFI’s Student Leadership Conference

Last week, the Center for Inquiry hosted their annual Student Leadership Conference, where leaders from secular student organizations from around the country (and Canada) are invited to spend four days listening to talks by some of the best minds in campus organizing. I had the pleasure of attending, and I …

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Simon Pegg on Twitter: Geek Girls

At this point, it’s been a couple weeks (or something?) since Simon Pegg got into an argument with a feminist on Twitter. The feminist, Courtney Stoker, posted most of the conversation. I’m sure everyone has basically forgotten about it, as is the nature of the internet.


Being Present

This last weekend I was extremely lucky to be able to go to CONvergence, part of which is SkepchickCON. Part of this included meeting, talking to, hanging out with, and being on a panel with, some of my fellow writers here at Teen Skepchick, and even Rebecca Watson (our great …