The State of Earth

You may be familiar with earth day, which, funnily enough, is today. The purpose of which is largely to spread awareness about the impact of human exploitation on our planet, and to drive people towards trying to reverse, or at least mitigate, some of the negative changes we’ve made. The …


There’s a Pi Day?

Yes, title, indeed there is a Pi day, and unless I’m mistaken it’s also today. Pi is a pretty interesting number that’s worth going over in a post so I thought I’d flesh the idea out a little here. So go grab 3.1415926… slices of pie and I’ll get you …

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Don’t Panic! Unless You’ve Forgotten Your Towel

…and why you shouldn’t need to be told. Yes, don’t panic, it’s just towel day, the yearly celebration in which the world recognizes the genius of Douglas Adams and his hilarious series of books. Yes, that series of books.

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Happy Star Wars Day!

I grew up on Star Wars. Now I could say that about any number of things: the music of Queen, a diet of coco pops and cheetos, a lack of fashion sense, an obsession with Spider-man, the awesomeness of science and so on. But there was always a special place …