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Exams, stress and expectations

Content description: Discusses depression in relation to school and examinations. Briefly acknowledges an eating disorder.   I’m currently a first year undergraduate studying zoology, something I have been working towards since secondary school (high school for those in the US). Yet still I find myself hating parts of what I …

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Fighting the Industry

Trigger warning: Suicide, Depression, Abuse, Graphic depictions of violence.   Depression is scary. I bet most people out there know that, whether they actually have depression or merely know it exists. Only some people know what’s scarier, though. Throughout the years I’ve lived with depression, I’ve lived in fear. I …

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Skepticism as Survival

Content Warning: Suicide and depression discussion Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, nor is this medical advice. If you are considering suicide, please call the (US) suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or the relevant hotline for your country. For some people, skepticism is a hobby. For some it is a way of …

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Eating Disorder Experiences: Where Did It Come From?

When the idea of a series of posts about eating disorders came up, I was pretty excited. I am diagnosed with EDNOS, depression, and anxiety. I’ve experienced them all in very different ways at different times, and so I have a lot to say about my experiences of them. This …

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Mental Illness and Skepticism

Mental illness is pervasive in the US and across the world today. In the US alone, nearly 50% of adults have a mental illness in their lifetime. Skepticism and atheism are ways of understanding our world, and we try to be responsible and compassionate human beings. As such, mental health …