Ken Ham: Children Are Belongings

After an incalculable (because I’m lazy) amount of time, I’m back to rant more about nonsense that fits under our umbrella! For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Ken Ham is an Australian young-Earth creationist who markets creationism to children by way of picture books, the Creation Museum, and …


Fur & Nipples: What Makes A Mammal?

You may have noticed that we don’t live among the dinosaurs these days. You may have noticed that most of the animals you see in the wild are mammals. Well, a lot can change in 65 million years, and one of the most remarkable success stories of the post-dinosaur world …

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Science Sunday: The Problem With Dinosaurs

I actually wrote this piece back in March as an entry into the wellcome science writing competition in association with The Observer newspaper. However, the site recently posted their shortlist of potential winners and I wasn’t among them, so now you get the pleasure of reading a post covered in …

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Dinosaurs In Space: Why The Hell Not?

I wonder how many of you remember what the ‘advanced alien dinosaurs from space’ story was actually about. I must confess to having a slight problem with remembering what the actual science was, and with good reason, because the science of the story had absolutely nothing to do with Argonians, …

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Escape From The Woo Zoo: Winter Is Coming

I, like quite a number of people invested in scientific skepticism and its offshoots, once teetered on the edge of a rail, leaning towards one side, one side that appeared to be the most comfortable to fall towards. Its promises were vast and enthralling, its world was infinite in charm …

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This 4-year-old knows more about dinosaurs than you do

Seriously. Did you know there was something wrong with this toy? OK, you probably did, because you’re awesome. If bright little girls like this grow up to be bright women, then my faith in the future of humanity is restored. Video after the jump.