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Speak Your Mind: Ageism is a Thing

Hey, everybody! You might not know this, but I turned 18 last year (19 next month!), so official adulthood is still fairly new for me. I am often mistaken for being at least a couple years older than I am due to my vocabulary, eloquence, and (so they tell me) …


Can We Reclaim The Movement?

If you’re a regular reader on the Skepchick network, you’ve likely heard about the kerfluffle over on FreethoughtBlogs involving Thunderf00t. If not, here’s a basic rundown from Greta Christina. Thunderf00t has sparked a lot of controversy with his actions, but what I found perhaps the most interesting response to his …

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Language Myths

As skeptics, we are dedicated to fighting woo and misinformation, however many educated, kind, intelligent people overlook one of the worst kinds of woo and use it to discriminate against others. What am I talking about? Language woo. Misperceptions and misunderstandings of what language is and how it works. I’m …