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Eating Disorders Cross Culturally

We’ve mentioned the demographics of who gets eating disorders a couple of times before in our ED series, but I’d like to spend a little bit more time going in depth on this. For the most part, we view eating disorders as disease that afflicts white people, and that is …

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Eating Disorders: Fat Phobia

  A while ago, we here at TS started a series about eating disorders, and I do believe it’s time for an update.   Recently I’ve been spending a lot of my time at Science of EDs, a completely fascinating website that provides a lot of information about studies and …

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Eating Disorder Experiences: Where Did It Come From?

When the idea of a series of posts about eating disorders came up, I was pretty excited. I am diagnosed with EDNOS, depression, and anxiety. I’ve experienced them all in very different ways at different times, and so I have a lot to say about my experiences of them. This …

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An Intro to Eating Disorders: Myths

Here at Teen Skepchick we strive to write about things that are relevant to our lives, and thus (we hope), relevant to the lives of other young women. As we’ve gotten to know each other, we’ve come to find that a surprising number of us have struggled with or are …

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Therapy Woo

Last week I started reading a book suggested by my therapist called Eating In the Light of the Moon. She told me that it “might get past your rational side and speak to you from an emotional place”. Well it certainly didn’t speak to me from any rational place, but …

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Mental Illness and Skepticism

Mental illness is pervasive in the US and across the world today. In the US alone, nearly 50% of adults have a mental illness in their lifetime. Skepticism and atheism are ways of understanding our world, and we try to be responsible and compassionate human beings. As such, mental health …