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Bird’s do it, Bees do it even- Wait?! How exactly do bees do it???

Well bees or to be more exact Honeybees “do it” mid flight, in a massive swarm and several endophallus’s get blown off. Okay so that was pretty vague if intriguing and I can hear you begging for the gory details. Well unfortunately for you, exploding endophallus’s aside Honeybee mating isn’t …

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Sex is weird: The Australian Redback Spider

CW: I only talk about spider sex, there aren’t any pictures of them for anyone with a phobia! Hey guys, so last time I was talking about the evolution of sex (one of my favourite topics) so I thought I’d crack on with some fun case studies of where sex …


Existential crises and epiphanies of the teenage mind

Firstly I’d like to apologise for my lack of writing all the angry/weird/ranty things this past month, if you didn’t already know I’m a first year university student. It’ s been a busy two months. Between exam stress, sorting out bills for a new flat share (why does nobody teach …

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Exams, stress and expectations

Content description: Discusses depression in relation to school and examinations. Briefly acknowledges an eating disorder.   I’m currently a first year undergraduate studying zoology, something I have been working towards since secondary school (high school for those in the US). Yet still I find myself hating parts of what I …


On the Uselessness of Mathematics and Resultant Magical Oracular Godness of Computers

I’ve been thinking about mathematical education a lot recently.  Mostly because my sister is professing math at a college at which many students believe and state that they do not need math because all they are going to do in life is work at the mines.  I find this sad …

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Danica McKellar’s Fun Little Bites of Mathy Goodness

Danica McKellar, who has actual math degrees in addition to being an actress, is trying to get girls interested in math.  She’s starting a webseries! Math Bites!  I’m suspicious of this.  Increasing the participation of girls in science and math in the face of stereotype harm and the president of …

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Eating Disorders: The Stories We Tell

When I committed to writing in the Teen Skepchick Eating Disorders series, I said I’d write about personal experiences. After all, I do already. It wasn’t going to be too hard to do it again, right? But that’s not true, and it never works like that. I told this story …


Why You Shouldn’t Go To College (Unless You Know What You’re Doing)

When I was preparing my college applications, many, many adults told me, “Don’t worry about it if you aren’t sure what you want to do. Take some time your first few years, explore a variety of classes, find your interests.” Most of my friends hear the same. “Feel free to …