Don’t Drop The Science!

Tomorrow (Thursday the sixteenth of August for those of you who are reading this another day… say, tomorrow), A whole age group in the United Kingdom with shudder with both anticipation and nerves. That’s right, it’s A level results day, the time of year where Brits aged 16-18 get their …


Balancing the Ratio

In my last year of high school, like most other seniors, I did college visits  to numerous difference schools. Because I’m interested in Earth Sciences, I took a lot at several engineering schools, such as the Colorado School of Mines. That school was the one I was most strongly recruited …

Religion and Spirituality

The Effect of Education on Religion

While searching for a current event for one of my teaching courses, I came across “Losing My Religion” from the New York Times. Miles Kimball, a professor of economics at the University of Michigan, teamed up with a few colleagues and tracked roughly 26,000 American students for six years, noting …


Choosing a College Major.

Yesterday, Chelsea wrote a great post on the main Skepchick blog about higher education, explaining her choice of major and asking readers if they’d switched majors in college. I’m a junior in college majoring in literature with an 8-12 ELA teaching certification, but I’m beginning to feel those slight pangs …