Science says…

As someone who’s quite interested in science, I tend to notice when scientific papers and scientists are quoted in the media. News papers and magazines often use these papers or statements to support a story, or choose to spin the originals into a news-worthy story. It’s really nice to see …

Awesome Sauce Music FridayFeatured

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! The Awesome Power of Genetics in Yeast Edition

Wave your hands like you just don’t care! It’s Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Hey man, you know that feeling when your research gets no respect. Yeah, this guy knows how you feel. So much so that he made a Gotye parody video about it. I know, I know. Gotye is …

Alternative MedicineDear SasquatchFeatured

Dear Sasquatch: Acne Decoding Charts

Dear Sasquatch, Have you seen this meme going around Facebook about “Decoding Your Breakouts”? Is there any truth to any of this? —Brittany F.


Stereotypes, Stereotypes Everywhere

Don’t ask how but the other day I found myself in one of those ‘games for girls’ sites that apparently have existed without my previous knowledge for a while now. What I found was boring at best and insulting at worst, reducing their target audience to people for whom ‘games’ …

FeaturedSpeak Your Mind

Speak Your Mind: Chilllax

I do a lot of things. I always have something on my mind and I’m constantly multitasking. I’m trying to cut back, but it’s hard. And I keep taking on more projects. So far I’ve kept up, but I can feel my neck tightening more and more every day. Needless …

FeaturedSuspension of Disbelief

Suspension Of Disbelief: Skyrim

So, a year after people with money to spend bought the game I took advantage of the January sales and bought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which happened to come with a T-shirt, a tie-in novel, a few cards of concept art, and a CD with the soundtrack and some …


The Physics Philes, lesson 32: Save the Momenta!

In which laws of motion are revisited, momentum is conserved, and forces are classified. Last week was a big week for me on my journey to understanding physics. I started trigonometry, my first for-real math class in 10 years. Ten years. So I was a little busy doing further review …


Mathematicians to save the Rhino?

A most interesting study group is taking place at WITS University this week. Mathematicians will attempt to find a solution to the problem of Rhino poaching. International mathematicians and graduate students will converge at Wits University next week to help solve various industry problems during the 2013 Mathematics in Industry …