Independent Women

I recently started blogging over at Hubpages, and as I explored the site, one of the first things I ran across was a poll entitled “Would you rather be a ‘sugar baby’ or an independent woman and why?”. Naturally I was slightly upset that this question even existed, much less …

ActivismAlternative Medicine

Monsters Are Real: Houston’s Dr. Burzynski a Danger to Children & Teens

Instead of the usual Dear Sasquatch post, I’m writing this week about an important campaign that is particularly relevant to the readers of this blog. It’s about an “alternative” cancer doctor who has made millions off people with cancer and their families  by charging them exorbitant fees for fraudulent, harmful …


So You Want to Be A Blogger?

It’s a new year! You have opinions and things to say, and you’re going to blog! It’s been resolution-ed! Er….resolved. So, how do you do it? I humbly propose some ways to make your voice heard on the interwebz.

Speak Your Mind

Speak Your Mind: Appreciate the Unappreciated

A few weeks ago at my other blogging gig I opined about the glory of slime molds. They are fantastic! Not only are slime molds beautiful, but scientists are discovering new, amazing things they can do. (Farming and solving mazes, for example.) But just because of their common moniker, the …

Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief: Rise of the Guardians

Did you ever hear of a movie where Jack Frost, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and a very sassy Easter Bunny team up to fight the forces of evil? Because that movie is Rise of the Guardians, and it is delightful!


The Physics Philes, lesson 30: Return of Physics!

In which tennis balls are hit, momentum is gained, and physics is resurrected. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of math in this small corner of the Internet. Well, trying to, anyway. But then I realized, hey! This is The Physics Philes, not the Math…Thingy. So this week we see …

Dear SasquatchModern Mythology

Dear Sasquatch: Do we sweat a liter of water at night?

Dear Sasquatch: My mom insists that I keep a glass of water by the bed each night to drink when I wake up, to avoid dehydration. She says that we lose a liter of water a night just through sweating. Is this true?   —Brynne P.


What should we value more – experience or knowledge?

  My stepfather is a 60 year old retired minister of the United Church. His shtick is helping old people find meaning in life and discovering ways to “age well”. He is pretty well-read, was university educated, which, coupled with his personality and the fact that he has been in …