The Pseudoscience of Victim Blaming: You’re Not Healthy Enough, AKA The Mike Adams

‘Alternatives’ to the germ theory of disease have been known from time to time to blame the victims of disease, and though the inventors and backers of these dubious theories may believe that they’re fighting for some kind of hidden truth, the reality is that their explanations are both patronising …

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Science Sunday: UV Light vs Bacteria

While looking for a project for this year’s science expo (or science fair as it is called in the States), I came across the most fascinating thing. Airports use UV light hand-dryers in their restrooms.  Now admittedly I do not frequent airports as I rarely fly anywhere so I have …

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The Daily Woo: Reiki

The Daily Woo is a brief summary of an alternative health treatment, as well as how it was experienced by me, Kate Donovan. I grew up with mostly alternative medicine, and now you, lovely skeptics, get to live vicariously! (see note at the bottom of this post for an explanation …