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Science Sunday: Vicious Virus Edition

Most disease-causing (pathogenic) organisms- such as bacteria- exhibit the characteristics of living things such as respiration, excretion, growth etc. This is why viruses are so awesome- reproduction is the only true characteristic of life which they exhibit. Alive or not, these nifty micro-organisms are super interesting, so read on to …

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Circumcision and HIV AIDS

In African News… Zimbabwe has decided to fight the scourge of HIV AIDS by ensuring that their cabinet ministers are all circumcised. In fact they have quite the drive on circumcising men at the moment and according to this article are hoping to reach at least 5MIL people through their …

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Modern Mythology: Condoms and Sexually Transmitted Infections

Modern Mythology is a Teen Skepchick feature in which we try to cut through the woo so you can make informed decisions. If you have any questions, contact us here. When I was working for a women’s rights non-profit a few years ago, I worked with a young woman from …