Trust the Rich People on the Internet

There is a lot of sensitive data on the internet, and we rely on that to do commerce globally and post pictures of cute animals.   This brings up, or should, the issue of how we trust websites to protect our credit card numbers and animal pictures. As with most …

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Science Sunday: With Liberty and Internet Access for All

I believe in the internet.  I mean, obviously it exists, that’s not the issue.  I believe that unfettered access to different people and ideas is the best defense against tyranny, whether governmental or the thought policing that religions engage in.  I believe that access to a global commerce network allows …


Being Present

This last weekend I was extremely lucky to be able to go to CONvergence, part of which is SkepchickCON. Part of this included meeting, talking to, hanging out with, and being on a panel with, some of my fellow writers here at Teen Skepchick, and even Rebecca Watson (our great …