The Origins Of Vertebrates Part 1: Let There Be Life

Have you ever wondered where we came from? Have you ever wondered where we and our other friends with backbones, lungs, arms and legs all started? If the answer’s yes you might know a little bit about this yourself, at least enough to know that I can’t very accurately begin …

Science Sunday

Science Sunday: Female? Old? Thank Your Mitochondria!

So for those of you who don’t know, females in general live longer than males. This isn’t just a human phenomena either, in fact, the scientist’s best friend, the fruit fly, has helped us get a step closer to resolving the mystery I like to call: ‘Rise Of The Old …

Religion and SpiritualitySkepticism

Sanctity of Human Life?

Skepticism is often about debunking myths. However there is one myth in human society that we have a nearly impossible time giving up, and one that is often considered beyond criticism. This is the sanctity of human life myth. Most people believe that to harm another human being is inherently …