Literary Technology: Phone Phreaking in Hell

cross posted from Coffeefied, Operafied, Fluffified, Beglittered In Lord Dunsany’s “Three Infernal Jokes”, published in 1917, a dictionary salesman makes a deal with the devil.  That is not important.  The important thing is that to do so, his intermediary has to hack the phones and splice into some bizarre telephone exchange. …

Suspension of Disbelief

Encryption in Literature: Dancing Men (Spoilers)

Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1903 “The Adventure of the Dancing Men” (text here), like most Sherlock Holmes stories, features Holmes lecturing Watson about how much he can deduce.  This particular story also introduces a character who is a “fine creature”  of the English soil, and an evil murderous American. That’s not important.  What …

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The Narnia Dilemma

I, like many generations of children before me, grew up reading The Chronicles of Narnia, a series of high fantasy novels by C.S. Lewis. I absolutely loved them – Narnia was a world much more weird and wonderful than our own. To imagine that such a universe existed just behind …


Literary Alphabet Soup: Denied?

The Alphabet Soup movement. The LGBTQ movement. Gay rights. Whatever you want to call it, getting equality and public acceptance of homosexuality is a big focus politically and socially right now. It’s also one that’s fairly close to my heart; since coming to college, I’ve made several good friends who …


Macbeth Directed by Teller and Aaron Posner!

Elles has been hassling me recently—okay, she sent two messages and asked very nicely!—about posting to Teen Skepchick, and who am I to refuse a request? I posted recently about this at my blog (I don’t do comments, but @kf me on Twitter!), but I’m not a fan of cross-posting. …