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Sex Ed with James Dobson: 10 Things you Didn’t Know about True Love

It’s been some time, but I have finally brought myself to read more condescending advice on how to be a good Christian teenager from an upper middle class American family that conforms to outdated stereotypes. This chapter, “I think I’ve Fallen in Love” is in the form of a quiz, …

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Depending on What you Mean by Love

There’s a great line in Madama Butterfly, after Pinkerton is asked if he actually loves his newly purchased (literally, for 100 yen) Japanese wife, and he replies “Well, it depends on what you mean by love.”   Of course, the point is to continue to illustrate what a truly terrible person …

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Science Sunday: Why The Natural History Museum Is Awesome

I went to London recently as a pit stop on my way to Belgium, not because it’s halfway down, but because there’s a stretch of sea I have to cross to get to mainland Europe and the capital’s got a famous train line that does just that. The last time …

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Suspension Of Disbelief: True Love

It’s been a full week since the word on prometheus came out, and thanks to Mindy’s suspension of disbelief, and other reviews I’ve managed to avoid a movie that it sounds like I would hate. But given that we were ranting last week, I thought I’d lighten the mood and …