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A Short History of Atheism

As an atheist, I have always felt it important to understand my own position as well as that of the religions I reject. This has sparked a keen interest in a subject which is labelled “RMPS” (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies) in Scottish schools. It’s a great subject which is …

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Philosophy of Religion: The Teleological Argument

As an attempt to stray from my usual short posts, I’ve written up this piece on the Teleological argument for the existence of God. Read on to find out more about the argument and enjoy my attempt to be fair and balanced- with the premise: “The Teleological argument may indeed …

Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief: House, MD.

As the series finale to my absolute favorite TV show of all time nears, I feel compelled to write a review. Spanning eight seasons, it would truly be impossible to do it all justice in one blog post. This is the show that a relatively young age solidified my conviction that yes, …