Millennials Don’t Vote, And For Good Reason

So I want to talk about this article in Mother Jones, and how awful it is. Basically, it blames millennials for the Democrats losing so many elections. If only young people voted en masse, the article says, we could have won! It doesn’t matter how bad the candidates were, or …


TSBS Episode 2 – New Zealand: the Land of Flightless, Stupid Birds

We have done it. We’ve recorded a new episode of the Teen Skepchick Blog Show. Groggy from a post-Thanksgiving haze of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes (or maybe it was just me), Eddy, Lauren, Lux, and I discuss politics and echo chambers. You can (hopefully) listen to the episode here …


Do Republicans Hate Women?

It seems that the more I read up on Mitt Romney and the Republican party, the more I see a worrying disregard for the rights of the women they hope will vote for them. In the interests of honesty, I am not and will likely never be a supporter of …

Speak Your Mind

Speak Your Mind: Politics and WoW

You may have seen this story on Skepchick’s quickies a couple weeks ago: Colleen Lachowicz, Democratic senate candidate from Maine, has been targeted by the state’s GOP for playing World of Warcraft. Specifically, she made some remarks on the forums have called into question her ability to make real-world decisions.


Speech! Speech! Speech!

Originally, this was going to be a post on an event that I was attending to commemorate the fact that 25 years ago, 24 people were arrested by the government, for an alleged Marxist conspiracy. They were detained without trial under the Internal Security Act, which gave the government free …


President Obama's Address to Schoolchildren

If you were in school today, you probably watched President Obama give the speech he had scheduled on why academics is important. Because my school schedules the passing periods at non-well-rounded-times, I missed the speech because I was walking to class. Now, instead of doing my physics homework I’m stumbling …