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We all need a little Faith

So teenskepchick isn’t really a space for religion, but it’s definitely a space for super heroes and Faith is shaping up to be a favourite of mine. Faith is a relatively new series which began in 2016 by Valiant entertainment and created by a host of lovely people: Jody Houser …

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Why the world is angry at Joss Whedon (or a few marvel fans at least)

I like Joss Whedon’s work, before anyone starts to get angry with me, but like anything it has its flaws. I hate to break it to you, but people aren’t perfect and this whole putting people on a pedestal thing isn’t good. For you or the person on it, have …

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Bi-erasure: Constantine

Content description: Discusses bi-phobia and bi-sexuality. Mentions smoking. Excessive use of sarcasm. So there has been some sad, but none too surprising news recently, NBC’s new show Constantine which I’ve been looking forward to, is bi-phobic. As this new adaptation of the Hellraiser comics portrays Constantine, a canonically bi-sexual character …

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Suspension of Disbelief: Welcome to Nightvale

Content description: Flashing gif at bottom of the page (link to source definitely flashes) and use of reclaimed homophobic slur. Plus a lot of strange metaphor and a review of ‘Welcome to Nightvale’. Well it’s exam season, a time of food, rum and tearful procrastination. If you want to skip …


Am I a Killjoy?

The label ‘feminist killjoy’ is one I like to adopt at times, sometimes for fun, sometimes to annoy, mostly to crush the patriarchy. Yet more and more I question what this phrase means. Increasingly I feel people seriously labelling me as someone who takes joy in ‘ruining’ their favourite shows …