Requiescat in Pace: Oliver Sacks

Cross posted from Coffeefied,Operafied,Fluffified,Beglittered, and written in collaboration with (and honestly the majority by) my wonderful big sister.  Cross posted here with her gracious permission.  Oliver Sacks is dead. I owe him, through his many books, a great debt of doubt and curiosity and wonder. I constantly marvel at his vivid observations, …

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Bird’s do it, Bees do it even- Wait?! How exactly do bees do it???

Well bees or to be more exact Honeybees “do it” mid flight, in a massive swarm and several endophallus’s get blown off. Okay so that was pretty vague if intriguing and I can hear you begging for the gory details. Well unfortunately for you, exploding endophallus’s aside Honeybee mating isn’t …


The Evolution of Sex

Sex is confusing and not only in the figuring out what goes where and who, if indeed anyone, you want to do it with. It’s very existence is a problem that has puzzled evolutionary biologists for centuries. For all intents and purposes sex shouldn’t exist, let alone be intrinsic to …

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Science Sunday: Introducing Advanced LIGO, the Future of Gravitational Astronomy

On Tuesday, the LIGO Laboratory announced the completion of the Advanced LIGO detector array, which may finally be able to detect elusive gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are a consequence of Einstein’s General Relativity. They operate similar to other kinds of waves, and are thought to carry gravitational energy. Even though all objects with …

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Science Sunday: Biometric Security and the Impermanence of Fingerprints

Recently, on my spring break (which now that I am not a student, I can take) I met a delightful older nurse who told me many fun stories about patients with bubonic plague and ebola.  That’s not important.  The important thing was that she also told me that at the …

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Hope for the Aftermath of the Creation “Museum” Fundraiser Debate

Like many others, I am not thrilled about tonight’s Ham vs Nye debate. Others have expressed reasons far better than I can, the most cogent, in my opinion, being that no matter what happens, Ken Ham has won by being able to pocket all the money to support his “museum” …


Science Sunday: Does the Sum of All Natural Numbers Equal -1/12?

They say not to write a post with a question if the answer is “no” but I’m going to do it anyway. You may have seen this video floating around the intertubes that claims to show that summing all the natural numbers (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + …

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Science Sunday: Falling Through the Earth

Now that Mindy’s teaching everyone about gravity, I thought it would be fun to show the classic gravitational problem, “What happens if you fall though the center of the Earth?” It’s a very common problem, and the math isn’t too difficult. So let’s run through it, shall we? (If you …