Why We Dress How We Do

One of the basic discussions in feminism revolves around how women dress. It’s actually a topic that, in my opinion, best illustrates the divides between earlier feminists and modern feminists. Early feminists fought- and still do fight- against clothing like high heels and short skirts being forced onto women. More …

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Simon Pegg on Twitter: Geek Girls

At this point, it’s been a couple weeks (or something?) since Simon Pegg got into an argument with a feminist on Twitter. The feminist, Courtney Stoker, posted most of the conversation. I’m sure everyone has basically forgotten about it, as is the nature of the internet.

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Smart Character – Personality = Sex Object?

Now, Nintendo don’t have the best track record for female characters in any case, especially since Samus Aran’s character was turned into the complete opposite of the strong hero she once was by the dark hands of Team Ninja, but recently, at least within the Pokémon franchise, they’ve been making …