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Speak Your Mind: Cosplaya

As many of you probably know, SkepchickCON, Skepchick’s fun and science-filled con, is held every year at CONvergence. CONvergence is a sci-fi/fantasy con with lots of awesome cosplay. The 2013 theme for the con is British Invasion. What luck! I thought. Teen Skepchick has a couple of writers from the …

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Speak Your Mind: Con Recovery

Last weekend was SkepchickCON. It was pretty bangin’. I met lots of great people that I totally fan-girled out over. (Marian Call, anyone?) Plus, Teen Skepchick made its con debut! There were stellar costumes and awesome panels. It was wall-to-wall geek. Overall it was just an amazing weekend.


Teen Skepchick at SkepchickCON!

It’s that time again. SkepchickCON. Woo hoo! You’re going to be there, right? RIGHT?!? There be bunches and bunches of panels on art, science, and skepticism, complete with Skepchicks, Mad Art Labbers, and Freethought Blogs contributors. It’s also a big year for Teen Skepchick because for the first time WE’RE …