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Speak Your Mind: What You Like the Most

I’m relatively new to the skeptic movement. I’ve been a skeptic for some time. I’ve always tried to support my positions with evidence, even if I sometimes failed. There are definitely issues that resonate more with me than others. Those interests have also changed over time. For example, I came …

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Why I Go to the Chiropractor

I have a horrible confession to make: I have been to a chiropractor twice in the last week. Feel free to throw things at me right now for being a bad skeptic. I know, I know, there is no medical evidence that chiropractic works, it’s all based on woo, why …


Branching Out

I have recently become a part of the Skepchick Events team (huzzah!) and as part of my duties I spent a good chunk of my day going through meetup.com and finding what events are available for atheists and skeptics so that we can pass that list on to you, dear …

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Speak Your Mind: Helping Godless Children

The other day, I was pondering what gifts I could get my younger siblings for Christmas. My parents are raising the kids (aged 4 and 6) as rational thinkers who look at nature with wonder and at religion with a skeptical eye. In spite of the wishes of our humanist …

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Irrationality and Emotions

So last weekend at Skepticon I have been having an absolutely fabulous time hearing speakers, going to workshops and hanging out with generally awesome people. Over the course of the weekend, I noticed a couple of themes cropping up, and one of them is extremely important to me. Stephanie and …

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Eating Disorder Experiences: Where Did It Come From?

When the idea of a series of posts about eating disorders came up, I was pretty excited. I am diagnosed with EDNOS, depression, and anxiety. I’ve experienced them all in very different ways at different times, and so I have a lot to say about my experiences of them. This …

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To Tattoo or not to Tattoo

I’ve been thinking a lot about tattoos lately. I’m pondering getting a new one (my current one is pictured), and I know I’d get bad reactions from my parents and other adult-type figures in my life. But I know that I’ll get more. Why do I not care about the …



During my time at this site, short as it may be, I have written a few posts about different silly kinds of woo. Still, not all hoaxes, schemes and other types of trickeries are as easy to spot as blood type woo or people claiming that they can see ghosts. …