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Braaaains! Being a Skeptical Mental Health Services Consumer

In 2008, 13.4 percent of adults in the United States recieved treatment for a mental health problem.1 Sure, it's only one country (and one I'm partial to), but it illustrates the point well. A whole lot of us, abroad or not, will seek treatment for mental illness sometime throughout our lives. …

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Science Sunday: Fools for Science

Some of the best April Fool's Day pranks and hoaxes have been based in science and math. Discover magazine fooled numerous readers with its April 1999 article by Tim Folger about the recently discovered bigon particle, which appears and disappears within millionths of a second—and is the size of a …


Abounding Superstition

It’s Friday the 13th, a day known (or at least joked) to be doubly unlucky. Not only is it the 13th day of the month, which everyone knows to be an unlucky number, for many reasons, but it’s also a Friday, an unlucky day to set out on a voyage, …


Mice, Cheese, and a Side of Skepticism

Last summer, I spent about a month at a paleontology dig in Wyoming. For a paleo dig, we had it pretty luxurious. I had my own room in a trailer, down the street from the museum and down the hill from our dig site. Out in the field, a family …

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What’s the Harm of “CAM”?

On a day-to-day basis, I notice a lot of advertisements for various “medical” and “health” products. Organic produce is commonly sold in grocery stores. Chiropractic clinics and herbal suppliments are often advertised on television. I’ve even seen and heard ads for psychic healings and religious exorcisms. Homeopathy is peddled as …



Yes, there’s another new Skepchick on the block! While not a teen, and dating myself with the title (target audience frowns in confusion, not getting the reference… maybe a good thing), I’m very excited to be on board with Teen Skepchick as a new writer and contributor. So a little …


God, Pennies, and Spontaneous Human Combustion

Hello, everyone! First, I must confess: I am not a teen. In fact, I wasn’t a teen skeptic either. And that’s why I’m here. To help provide the skeptical resources, information, perspective, and encouragement that I wish I’d had growing up. When I was 15, I began questioning the religion …


Greetings, Teen Earthlings!

When I was a young earthling myself, this was my favorite book to read (or pretend to read – or just look at the shiny pictures and maps): This is a 1968 edition of The Reader’s Digest Great World Atlas. It belonged to my great-grandmother (something of which my mother …