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Speak Your Mind: Ageism is a Thing

Hey, everybody! You might not know this, but I turned 18 last year (19 next month!), so official adulthood is still fairly new for me. I am often mistaken for being at least a couple years older than I am due to my vocabulary, eloquence, and (so they tell me) …

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Simon Pegg on Twitter: Geek Girls

At this point, it’s been a couple weeks (or something?) since Simon Pegg got into an argument with a feminist on Twitter. The feminist, Courtney Stoker, posted most of the conversation. I’m sure everyone has basically forgotten about it, as is the nature of the internet.

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An Ex-Christian Testimonial (Making Fun of Ex-Gay Conversion)

I have a tendency to be all serious about activism. A lot of the issues we discuss here on the blog are politically intense and sometimes publicly controversial. However, sometimes we need to take a break from the gravity of it all and have a laugh. Ex-gay conversion therapy is …