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Science Sunday: Introducing Advanced LIGO, the Future of Gravitational Astronomy

On Tuesday, the LIGO Laboratory announced the completion of the Advanced LIGO detector array, which may finally be able to detect elusive gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are a consequence of Einstein’s General Relativity. They operate similar to other kinds of waves, and are thought to carry gravitational energy. Even though all objects with …

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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Bound for a Star with Firey Oceans Edition

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but, after a lot of speculation in recent months, mission scientists at NASA have officially declared that Voyager 1 has entered interstellar space. This feels like a pretty momentous occasion. While the spacecraft has not yet left the solar system, Voyager 1 is the …

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Science Sunday: Exoplanets!

It seems like nearly every week there’s a new announcement that astronomers have found another exoplanet, a planet orbiting a different star. Sometimes that planet is a Hot Jupiter, sometimes it’s a Super-Earth, sometimes it’s a planet made entirely of diamond or burning ice. Exoplanets are weird, incredibly diverse, and always fascinating. But there are …

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Even MOAR Awesome Sauce Music: From Space!

Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut that is currently up in the space station. If you watch Canadian news he has been doing a lot of interviews from the space station. Most recently he has recorded a song with Canadian band The Barenaked Ladies (if you watch Big Bang Theory …

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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Crane Lower that Rover Edition

Hello, and welcome to this week’s edition of Awesome Sauce Music Friday! We here at Teen Skepchick are still reeling from the incredible engineering feat that is the landing of the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars. (I mean, really! It’s so awesome!) So we’re using today’s music post …


Red (Planet) Rover, Come On Over

On August 5th, something incredible is waiting to be known. NASA’s newest Mars rover, Curiosity, will attempt a landing on the Red Planet. The organization’s scientists and space enthusiasts round this blue planet will be gnawing at their nails, as every bit of information we get will be coming with a …

Planet Venus silhouetted against radiation emitted by the Sun at 193 Angstroms

Thus Passes Venus: A Lesson in How to Handle Your Binoculars

This is probably a good time to make this confession, before I get to the meat of the article: Astronomy terrifies me.  I don’t just mean that I get nervous when I think about zipping on a space suit and going into orbit 240 miles above the Earth, which I …

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Science Sunday: The Transit of Venus

Do you remember what you were doing eight years ago on June 8th, 2004?  No?  Neither do I, but on that early day in the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, celestial bodies in our solar system were aligning.  The planet Venus’ orbit brought it directly between the Earth and the Sun and …