The Pseudoscience of Victim Blaming: Introduction

We’ve all heard it somewhere before, whether it be through The Secret, through Spirit Science, through self-help books, Oprah, Greg Braden, Theta Healing, and all manner of things that claim to be beneficial, enlightening, or self-empowering – victim blaming, taking the unfairness out of the world by pinning everything that …

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Spirit Science: Second Opinion

Back in April, I criticized a video series titled ‘Spirit Science’ that defied the nomenclature it had adopted by denying scientific practices and continues to this day trying to convince its viewers that they can manipulate reality through their thoughts through wordplay that bastardizes scientific concepts and squashes them  in …

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Spirit Science?

There are few ways in this world that are as good at spreading a message from obscurity into fame (or infamy as the case may be) than Youtube; everyone's favourite google-owned medium of entertainment and home to Nerdfighteria and Mike Adams alike. Inspiration for a Youtube channel comes in many …