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Guest Post – Trying to Get Therapy: Asking Questions Beyond “How Long Have You Been Practicing?”

A guest post by Chihaya: If you’re thinking about trying to get therapy, I recommend Gruntled and Hinged’s guide as a starting point. I want to add to this some scripts for asking sensitive questions and ending therapy if it turns out it’s not a good match. The Backstory: I’m …

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Therapy Woo

Last week I started reading a book suggested by my therapist called Eating In the Light of the Moon. She told me that it “might get past your rational side and speak to you from an emotional place”. Well it certainly didn’t speak to me from any rational place, but …

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An Ex-Christian Testimonial (Making Fun of Ex-Gay Conversion)

I have a tendency to be all serious about activism. A lot of the issues we discuss here on the blog are politically intense and sometimes publicly controversial. However, sometimes we need to take a break from the gravity of it all and have a laugh. Ex-gay conversion therapy is …

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Braaaains! Being a Skeptical Mental Health Services Consumer

In 2008, 13.4 percent of adults in the United States recieved treatment for a mental health problem.1 Sure, it's only one country (and one I'm partial to), but it illustrates the point well. A whole lot of us, abroad or not, will seek treatment for mental illness sometime throughout our lives. …