‘All the cool historical (and sometimes modern) Ladies!’ : Rosalind Franklin

It’s the end of March so after a month of fervent university work, I’m going to jump in with my first instalment of ‘All the cool historical (and sometimes modern) ladies!’. So I’m going to tell you about some wonderfully intelligent and awesome (do I say awesome too much? Probably…) …

Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Now Allopatric, New Mutations Working Magic Edition

Hellooooo! Are you ready to get your groove on? Well get ready because it’s Friday and that’s what Fridays are for. Today’s song is another parody song. I know; I’ve been out of control with those lately. But this one is good. Really good. And features real women scientists! Huzzah!


Female Scientists Make Great Role Models! (Except When They’re Feminine)

A couple of days ago one of the Skepchick quickies was S.E. Smith’s article ‘Get Your Antifemininity Out of My Feminism’. It’s a wonderful piece, and it expresses an idea I’ve spoken about before— that by undervaluing things that are seen as feminine, we undermine our goal of gender equality. …


“Just remember that if you want to do this stuff, you’re not alone.”

It seems like everyone and their cats are posting this xkcd comic, but it’s so good that I’m going to follow the crowd.