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Doctor Who is being played by a woman; Sci-Fi ruined forever

After 54 years of men exclusively playing the alien known as ‘Doctor Who’ Jodie Whittaker will be taking on the role as the first woman to do so. Predictably this has not gone down well. After the announcement the wave of hateful comments poured in, which is not to say …

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We all need a little Faith

So teenskepchick isn’t really a space for religion, but it’s definitely a space for super heroes and Faith is shaping up to be a favourite of mine. Faith is a relatively new series which began in 2016 by Valiant entertainment and created by a host of lovely people: Jody Houser …


Men Are Our Friends

I am a feminist. Most of the Teen Skepchicks are, and all are for equal rights. But I’m seeing a growing trend of misandry (the hatred of men; opposite of misogyny), especially in social networking, and it’s not okay. As women continue to battle for fully equal rights, we have …