The Physics Philes, lesson 131: Popcorn Physics

After what seems like a million year hiatus, I’m back with another edition of The Physics Philes! Time for your physics fix. If I remember correctly, we have finished our discussion of the thermal properties of matter. Now we’re going to take that knowledge – everything we’ve learned about temperature, …


The Physics Philes, lesson 91: Go with the Flow

Last week we learned about the continuity equation in fluid mechanics. To refresh your memory, that equation says that the speed of the fluid flow can change along the path of the fluid. The pressure can vary, as well, depending on the height of the fluid and the speed of …


The Physics Philes, lesson 59: Work and Power, Torque Style

I’ve been rambling on and on for the last several weeks about rotational and translational motion. This week we’re…not changing the subject, exactly. Instead, it’s time to bring the concepts of work and power into the mix. In real life, we can do work on a rotating object. Like when …


The Physics Philes, lesson 14: The Ole Work-around

In which problems are solved, cars are pushed, and wood is hauled. Last week I did my best to explain work, kinetic energy, and power. Now for the fun part. Drum roll please! *drum roll* It’s time for the math! Alrighty. Let’s start with a simple problem on work done …