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What it means to be a woman in nerd culture: The Mary Sue

As a writer I come across the term ‘Mary Sue’ often enough. Hell I come across that term as a reader and yes as an unashamed, hyperactive English lit nerd. Up until recently I had no real qualms with this term, that is until I began to analyse it’s frequent …


Don’t Panic: Quick Writing Tips for When the Essay Strikes Back

Well, the Christmas break is over for the majority of us and for teens that means back to school, back to college, or back to work if you’re one of those lucky people who has money to spend. While Christmas was great, I’m sure it isn’t just me who is …


Why We Write

“I write because it’s really hard to yell at everyone in person.” –Me, every time someone asks why I blog. Six months ago I began writing at Teen Skepchick. Prior to that, I’d had an anonymous blog with a handful of readers, a fact I hadn’t even shared with my …